Do not miss out on going through some of the exclusive and unique features

‘Search’ has widened its scope

When Google maps has widened its reach to touch even the smallest of and the least popular cities, it is much easier for you to provide services to your car boarders, who want to board a car from any corner of the country. Through the support of Google maps, the car boarders can be easily located, not only when they are located in a metropolitan city, but also when they are located in a small town. WP Carpooling is designed to create utmost customer satisfaction, by locating them, no matter where they are, and providing a service to them, right at the place where they are located.



Provision for Services to every Car Boarder

There are some car owners, who may not like to encourage pets or smokers as their car boarders. Similarly, there are some car boarders who is accompanied by their pets, or who are smokers. WP Carpooling allows the car owners to use the ‘Settings’ option, exclusively developed to provide such terms and conditions for their prospective car boarders. Similarly, car boarders are provided with ‘Filtering’ options to search for a car to suit their comfort levels.

Options for Specific Rides

With WP Carpooling, your Carpooling website can provide filtering options for car owners, to provide specific ride/service such as airport pickup and drop, or ladies only pickup and drop, and so on.



Instant Notifications

WP Carpooling allows you to send automatic and instant notifications to both the parties – car owners and car boarders. A car owner gets an instant notification, once a customer has booked his/her Car. At the same time, the car boarder also gets an instant notification, like a confirmation that, the request has been raised and the car has been booked. WP Carpooling also provides provision for providing content for these notifications, in your own way, such as, phone numbers of both the parties, how far the car is located from the destination, and so on.


A Unique Dashboard for Car Owners and Car Boarders

With WP Carpooling, you can provide a unique dashboard to every user. Every person who registers on your Carpooling site, can have a dashboard exclusively for themselves. Through this dashboard, they can raise requests, and send messages and enquiries. The dashboard can be customized to provide statistics and infographics on the number of requests raised, number of messages sent and received, and number of inquiries sent or received, during a day, week, month, and so on.

Post unlimited trips, requests, messages, and enquiries

WP Carpooling does not restrict either parties for number of trip posts, trip requests, messages, or enquiries. Either parties – car owners or car boarders can raise unlimited trip requests, send unlimited messages to one another, and post unlimited enquiries.